High Quality Digitizing
€ 1 per 1000 stitches
Minimum Rate - € 10
Maximum Rate - € 50
Fast Turnaround Times 24 hrs
Sew Outs of the digitized files
24 hrs online suppport
Free Edits, Instant Quotes
Easy Payment Methods


Euroemb.com was created in 1995 as a local embroidery company to cater the needs of the Indian Garment industry. We started digitizing for overseas customers from 2001. From the beginning, the aim of euroemb.com has been to produce the best designs with the highest standards of quality control. As a result of this hard work and attention to detail, euroemb.com has become the premier supplier of machine embroidery designs to consumers and industry.

Embroiders all over the world seek our custom digitizing services. They know that our designs are rigorously tested to produce beautiful results every time, saving them hours of trials and adjustments. Our procedures are designed to assure that our customers have a smooth and pleasant experience from the moment they open our package until they snip the last thread on their embroidery machine. We know that the reason our customers come back to us time and again is that they know we offer the premium product they demand at a price they enjoy.

We have a team of 32 digitizers and we deliver about 100  designs every day for clients across the world. The digitized designs undergo a rigorous quality control process and are sewed out on a Tajima embroidery machine before they are dispatched to the clients. We offer a 24 hr online support to all our clients. We give instant quotes and do editing free of cost.

Please write to us at orders@euroemb.com for any enquiries, orders or quotes.